I'm a TechWomen100 2020 Winner!

16th November 2020 • 2-minute read

I’ve been recognised for my community building, event hosting and tech education work. There were a total of 700 nominations and I am in the top 100! Here’s what they said about me…

10 Things To Look Out For When Choosing An Estate Agent

21st September 2020 • 9-minute read

Selling a house for the first time can be daunting. It’s totally different from the buying process, not least because you will likely employ an estate agent.

How To Create A Tech Talk In 4 Weeks

31st August 2020 • 3-minute read

We held our first-ever Ladies of Code London public speaking workshop series in July. It culminated in a showcase event where members performed their talk in front of a live, global audience.

WTF Is A Recession?

14th August 2020 • 7-minute read

This week’s big news is that the UK has entered recession for the first time since 2009. It’s the worst downturn since quarterly records began. But what even is a recession and how do they happen?

I'm a 2020 Women In Software Power List Winner!

10th July 2020 • 2-minute read

The winners on the 2020 Women In Software Power List have been announced and I’m one of them!

New On GitHub: How To Add A README Cover To Your GitHub Profile

9th July 2020 • 2-minute read

GitHub has recently rolled out a new feature which allows you to add a README to your GitHub profile. Here’s how to get yours in two steps.

How To Prevent Zoom-bombing

11th June 2020 • 6-minute read

The threat of COVID-19 meant we had to take Ladies Of Code (LoC) London events online or not meet at all. I had heard of Zoom-bombing and wanted to reduce the risk to our members.

Get Into... Web Development

5th June 2020 • 6-minute read

I’ve been looking at ways to innovate our Ladies Of Code (LoC) London offerings now that COVID-19 has forced us 100% online, which led to me devising an interview format for our Get Into… series.

Online Lean Coffee On Zero Budget

29th May 2020 • 2-minute read

Due to the online tooling required, remote real-time kanbanning is tricky if you don’t have money to spend on it. But we needed it for the Lean Coffee events we wanted to run.

Get On With It...

10th May 2020 • 8-minute read

Lockdown. Many of us are spending 23 hours a day at home. We’re all looking for ways to break the monotony. But somehow the pile of unfinished or unstarted projects seems no more appealing than it did seven weeks ago…

Breakfast Burrito Recipe

19th April 2020 • 3-minute read

While visiting a taqueria in San Diego, I discovered the breakfast burrito: sausage, ham, cheese, egg and potato all steaming hot inside a tortilla. As all the components of a full English breakfast are readily available here in the UK, I decided to make my own version of this dish at home.

Debugging JavaScript: Beyond console.log()

26th March 2020 • 3-minute read

console.table(), console.group() and console.assert() aren’t as well-known as console.log(), but they are very useful for debugging.

I’ve Rediscovered The Fountain Pen

24th January 2020 • 3-minute read

I first started using a fountain pen in primary school, when I was about nine years old. It was a Platignum School cartridge pen, very light with a unique shape. They were personal-issue, as were the squares of pink blotting paper.

KT Tunstall In Concert

21st January 2020 • 4-minute read

She was a literal one-woman band: KT Tunstall, her Taylor guitars (“made from sustainable wood!”), tambourine, synthesisers and loopers.

I Competed In A 10k Race

18th January 2020 • 8-minute read

(CW/TW: body weight) In June 2016, after a couple of months of breathless perseverance, I managed to jog a whole 5k for the first time. It was all I’d set out to do. I swore I had no desire to run a race, let alone longer distances.

WTF Is The Dark Web?

31st December 2019 • 6-minute read

“The dark web” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot in the past few years. Also known as “the darknet”, it has a reputation for being a massive place full of illicit websites.

WTF Is An Operating System?

30th December 2019 • 4-minute read

Without an operating system (OS), a computer would be useless: a bit like a business without a manager. But what are they for and how do we use them?

Tech Conferences For The Uninitiated

29th September 2019 • 12-minute read

Summer’s over. Everyone’s back in learning and mingling mode before we shift gears again, into party territory. This fortnight I’m doubling my 2019 conference tally.

My First Podcast

26th June 2019 • 1-minute read

I did my first tech talk as a software engineer back in April, about how I switched careers. The Chief Creative Officer at a TV company saw the video and contacted me to ask if I would guest on her podcast!

Does Inclusion Mean Exclusion?

8th April 2019 • 8-minute read

When you enter the tech industry, you soon realise that meetups are a Thing. Groups gather every night of the week in every major city in the world and share IT ideas and knowledge over pizza and beers.

So You Want To Speak At A Tech Conference?

25th March 2019 • 7-minute read

Nothing says you’re an expert like being booked to speak at a conference. But how do you get invited if you have no idea what the selection committee is looking for - or, worse still, you can’t even decide on a topic?